Just for you

Each and every session is designed with you in mind

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So, why Lifemoves Health? Well...

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You don't need to figure it out on your own. You won't be paired with someone random every time you visit. I will be your partner.

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Focus on You

The focus will be on creating the most effective workout for you. Every time we meet and in between.

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Know You

I will take the time to get to know you, and if you are working with other medical professionals, I can coordinate with them to best support your goals.

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Feel Great

Moving well can be empowering and liberating and you deserve to feel fantastic in your own skin.

Goals I Help You Achieve


An important event, surgery, pregnancy, recurring or chronic disorders (including eating/exercise or cognitive impairment oriented), or just being inactive.

I’ll help you find ways to do what you thought was out of reach.

Increasing your fitness

Reach higher, react faster, balance more easily, lift and carry with ease. We set your goals together. The strength endurance, agility, mobility, flexibility alignment and balance gains you make will be yours for the long term.

No more working out hard only to burn out and suffer later.

going solo

Working out on your own just got better. I'll show you how to coach your own form when you work out solo. Say the word and I'll design an on-your-own program that can go anywhere with you too.

Your fitness belongs to you and I’ll help you take charge of it.

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Choose how you want to move

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Move Up

One-On-One Sessions

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Move Together

Customized Group Sessions

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Move Beyond

For Pros and Aspiring Pros

If you want your workouts to be an experience where you listen to your body and surprise yourself with what you can do, then let’s talk.

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