For Those Who Mean Well

Sometimes we need to let go of trying to make someone "feel better"

Photo by Kristopher Roller via    Unsplash.

Photo by Kristopher Roller via Unsplash.


It seems many people have been going through very significant challenges lately. Myself included. Whether we walk in pain or pleasure, we walk amongst each other.

Our ability to show up for each other, in grace and generosity, is what can make all the difference.

I wrote this for all of us.

Alive and Well
By Ilene Bergelson

I come to you raw
Fresh with pain, grief, and gratitude
I have gaping holes and towers of strength inside me
From which I feel the despairing solitude of dark corners
and the wide, expansive horizon

All at once, together
And sometimes one at a time

I cry, not because I am weak,
But because I am strong enough
not to avoid, deny or contort the pain

Pain simply is
No more, no less

It does not render me incapable
It does not hijack my humor
It does not define me

It does not make me a victim or a martyr
It does not make me special

It is not a shield with which to protect myself
Nor is it a sword to cut others who I fear might harm me
It is none of these things

But feeling
Increases my sight
My heart
My understanding

So do not worry
There is no need
Instead, simply be here
Your ear is most welcome

There’s no place for pity
Or sorry looks
Trust that feelings aren’t fatal
And pretending they aren’t there
Is more dangerous than feeling them

Thank you, Pain
For reminding me I’m human
That I love
That I care
That I am still vulnerable, which makes me accessible

For reminding me that I value much in this life
Which means I remain in touch with Light
That I am alive and well