Smaller Pockets Doesn't Mean We Carry Less

our blind spots have more to do with the shoes on our feet than the Sight in our eyes


Taking our world view for granted as being the world view, or the way the world is for that matter, comes down to our accounting for the shoes we're wearing as we walk through life.

For this month's Spotlight, we're sharing a very special video featuring former CEO, and former male, Paula Williams. In honor of International Womens' Day this month (March 8) and in honor of understanding our differences in order to come together as equal individuals, we bring you her candor, honesty and rare, dual perspective.

Paula raises an issue that goes beyond male/female. There are so many possible shoes we can wear for our walk through life. It seems like wearing different shoes isn't what causes us to see the world from a narrow view: it's the assumption that experiencing life would be the same no matter which pair we wear.