Take Back Your Time

We loved Tuscany. The cell reception was fantastic and the Wi-Fi was to die for.

So funny. So true. So crazy.

We have Bob Markoff and The New Yorker to thank for this glimpse at what is happening to the sacred act of taking a holiday.What good is a vacation if you don’t vacate??

As a fellow guilty party (I’ve been known to buy a SIM card or two), I think WiFi free zones could be the next prime destination sought by movers and shakers.  Unplugging is underrated and under-appreciated.

So let’s take back our breaks, be they mini or marathon in nature.  When you’ve gotta be on-call, you’ve gotta be on call, but let’s reclaim our “quality time” where we can with acts of rebellion like saving at least one activity a day to be free of DIT (Device-In-Tow).