Let’s take a Posture Break™!


“It’s amazing!”      “I already feel completely different.”      “This feels really good.”


Mama was right! Your posture does matter, and how we train in the gym affects the way we carry ourselves and live in the world. Understand your postural habits, and begin to retrain them through purposeful, dynamic movement. Learn universal principles of alignment and tools to remember and apply them whether you are grocery shopping or going for the gold.

This workshop is the co-creation of Ilene Bergelson, Lashaun Dale and Frederick Schjang.

Remember: take a Posture Break every half hour by standing, stretching or walking around for one or two minutes. Set a timer if you must!

Posture Break™ in the Real World

Awareness and ergonomic techniques at home, work and at play are vital to good posture. Incorporate our 12 Posture Break in the Real World Exercises into your daily routine to retrain postural habits through purposeful, dynamic movement and stretching.

Posture Break Dynamic Dozen

  1. Good Morning Moves
  2. Give Up Those Manolo Blahniks
  3. Fill Yourself with Hot Air
  4. Keep it Even, Steven
  5. Shake Your Groove Thing
  6. Create a Posture Coach
  7. Beat the Computer Blues
  8. Roll Away Stress and Decompress
  9. Make Your Desk Your Friend
  10. Travel Light and Split the Difference
  11. Lift Like Royalty
  12. Finish Where You Started