Posture Tune-Up

Lifemoves Health: Posture Tune-Up

Standing up straight?

Who can stand up straight after sitting in front of a computer all day? Good posture is meant to be dynamic: it moves with you and serves the function you are doing with the least stress on your body.

I had a spinal surgery many years ago while in high school, only to have significant pain and an increasing curvature occur later as an adult. Ilene analyzed my situation and worked with me to develop a customized program over time that was therapeutic and got me moving more easily again. I now look forward to getting into the pool and going to the gym, knowing that program developed is alleviating my pain and helping me to feel more active again. JG

In addition to making posture a part of every session, Ilene co-created Posture-Break™: a mini-workshop that can be brought to your school or organization to help you rediscover your posture. Click here for more details.

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Lifemoves Health: Posture Tune-Up

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