Personal & Group Training

Personal & Group Training: Ilene and Sandy on Slant

No more boring workouts!

Personal training sessions with Ilene are ideal for meeting your fitness goals. Whether you are looking to gain strength and skill, cross-train for sports performance, or lose weight and reduce stress, Ilene will customize a program that’s fun, engaging, and challenging.

After an initial assessment and consultation, programs are tailor made for you to challenge yourself and increase your ability to move efficiently with ease. Programs are designed based on your needs and your goals.


The workouts provide undivided attention and the most customized training possible. If you are seeking a personal fitness coach, one-on one sessions are ideal.

Customized Programs in Office or at Home
Consult with Ilene and have her create a program for you or your group!

After your private, initial evaluation, Ilene designs a program just for you. Everything is customized to fit your needs, and the space and equipment you have available in your home, office or gym.

This is an excellent choice for:

  • Self-motivated exercisers with unpredictable schedules
  • Gift for loved ones
  • Group activity with family or friends

Group Classes

Stay fit with friends! Private classes with friends or co-workers provide a unique, affordable alternative to one-on-one training, combining camaraderie with customized exercise.

Body conditioning, resistance training, postural-core stabilization, dance, stretch, a combination of the above, or a more specialized class can be designed based on the participants’ interest and goals.

Small Group Training/Classes are best for groups or 2-6 people who want to motivate each other and save money.

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Personal & Group Training: Mia with core barPersonal & Group Training: Small Group DancingPersonal & Group Training: Anne with yellow ball

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