Consulting & Corporate Training

Customized Programs in Office or at Home

Consult with Ilene and have her create a program for you or your group!

One on One

This is an excellent choice for:

  • Self-motivated exercisers with unpredictable schedules
  • Gift for loved ones
  • Bonus for employees

After your private, initial evaluation, Ilene designs a program just for you. Everything is customized to fit your needs and the space and equipment you have available in your home, office or gym.


Ilene can bring customized training programs to your organization. These trainings are excellent as:

  • Ongoing classes to keep employees healthier
  • Special events to add fun and boost morale
  • Inspiring and focus regaining intervals at large, sedentary corporate training events

You can also request Ilene for a half or full day of private consultations to answer your group’s questions about getting fit and staying healthy. It’s an excellent jumpstart to any group program or company incentive to get fit!

Popular Programs Include

  • Fitness Squeeze-Play: moves to fit fitness into your busy day
  • Posture Refresh & Back saving exercises
  • Core Conditioning
  • Express Conditioning: 10 minute full body workouts for adjustable levels
  • Travel workouts: what to do when you are on the road
  • Stretch & Stress Release*

*Stretch & Stress Release can also be tailored to be more interactive lecture and less active movement format

Looking for an event without the workout?
Ilene is known for delivering straight talk with a sense of humor. Use form below and tell us what you are looking for in your event.

From students to CEOs, Ilene’s upbeat, educational style is quickly gaining attention around the world.

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