Performance Pluses

Hey there, DP Alumni!

In our playbook, we identified some Performance Pitfalls (p.16) and the next day, in the Belagio Breakout Room (otherwise known as the bullpen), your collective intelligence came up with a list of strategies to clear pitfalls and perform your best!

So…here are your Pluses. Add them to your playbook (p.17)!

+  Arrive (a day) ahead of time

+  Vet your audience: know who will be in the room and their expectations

+  Look at various people in audience and see if they are getting it and are with you–then you won’t need to put special attention on making generic eye contact

+  Tap into something that makes you smile and keep the feeling it gives with you as you speak. It’s real and feels better to audience than smiling at them “just because”

+  Remember you are hosting–so welcome the audience into your “home” (your topic): you’ll come across as approachable

+  Ask audience questions that matter to them and forwards your message/goal

+  Utilize the PAUSE to give the moment weight, emphasis, and time for you and/or the audience

+  Prepare to use the least amount of detail necessary for the audience to understand and be ready to add as needed in the moment

+  Prepare a Plan B version for if your tech fails

+  Breathe, ground, take your time (See Bergelson’s Theory of Nausolution below :))

+  Speak to the entire group: even shy people do not like to be disregarded or ignored

+  Check out your sight lines in advance…and on the fly: if you can’t see them, the reverse is true too!

+  Take improv classes or join an improv group to handle things on the fly with ease (this one’s from me)

+  Join Toastmasters (yes…this one too…)

Bergelson’s Theory of Nausolution

(extremely advanced mathmatical solution equation for breaking down nausea)

Bergelson's Theory of Nausolution chalkboard


n= nausea



rf= refocusing

recp= relaxed, energized, confident, person/presenter

Keep it Goin’ Bonus!

If you continue to send more pluses by the end of the year, we’ll continue to add them.

For inspiration, look at the pitfalls that pose the biggest challenge and devise a “plus” to strategize to clear them.

We look forward to your additional brain waves.

See you in the Peanut Gallery!

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