Lifemoves Health Newsflash: October 2013



Lifemoves Health Newsflash: October 2013

Photo courtesy of Jan Tik


Halloween treats that trump all Tricks

We found a lot of great ideas on the Green Halloween site. Some we liked more than others, so as always, read the label! (In no particular order….and it’s just a starter list — so tell us about your own finds!)


If you love giving candy…

Not for Chewing…

These options can be a fun and safe way to steer clear of food sensitivities.

  • Cool pencils and pens
  • Fun bandaids — trial packs
  • Washable, non-toxic temporary tattoos
  • Cool shoelaces
  • Barrettes / fun hair ornaments
  • False vampire teeth (older kids only)
  • Stickers

Total Rebel

Cool toothbrushes (buy a variety for different age groups: i.e. character brushes, purple sparkly ones, etc.). Can you think of a better way to stand up to all that candy? 😉