Mentorships / Internships

Mentorships and Internships

A limited number of mentorships and internships are available each year to dedicated students and professionals.

All mentees and interns will work closely with Ilene and participate in various aspects of Lifemoves Health.


Candidates for mentorship will work closely with Ilene and may focus on one of two areas:

  • Educator/Presenter Track: skills for developing and delivering educational programs
  • Practitioner Track: skills for client relations and personal training


We offer internships for motivated students in the following areas*:

  • Administration
  • Marketing
    • Copywriting
    • Media & web related Social Networking
  • Media & web related Tech

*Academic credit depends upon school approval.

We are a team-oriented culture and thrive due to a combination of smart, talented caring individuals who take initiative and are dedicated to each other’s success. If you feel our culture is a good fit for your growth, you may have a place with us!

All mentees and interns are handpicked by Ilene. If you are interested in growing with us, let us know your goals/areas of interest by using the contact form below

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