Product Testimonials

Training for the Sport of Motherhood™

As a certified birth and postpartum doula I work with many women that are desiring to start a family, are currently pregnant or have just given birth. Having a trained professional available to assist these women with physical conditioning during the perinatal period is essential. There are many issues that need to be considered when working with this unique clientele. Ilene Bergelson is a true professional with a passion to work with and teach others how to train women in their childbearing years. Her teaching methods are specific and most accurate for this group of women. Anyone who goes through her training program for the perinatal woman will be well equipped, prepared and excited to put their new skills and knowledge to use.

Pam Napp CD, PCD (DONA)
Certified Doula


Light Bytes™ Communication Collection

After listening to Communicating Outside Our Comfort Zone from Ilene’s Light Bytes Communication Collection, something finally stirred in me as Ilene made it sound so simple, honest and gratifying to really push one’s boundaries and experience everything that comes into our personal spheres. I listened to the disc a few more times to really make sure I was ready to live the message.

Since then, I have dived into acting (a passion/interest I always had, but was way too shy, self conscious, and scared to try), allowed myself to express who I am and be proud, joined a bootcamp (when I was too self conscious to even jog outdoors before), and have allowed myself to come into my own.

I’m looking forward to purchasing this disc for those closest to me so they can also find the motivation to help them on their journeys. If you’re really ready to let yourself be, this disc is the perfect catalyst to set you on your true path and really live your life. I’m very lucky to have crossed paths with Lifemoves Health and Ilene. Thank you so much!