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Pro Testimonials, Robert Cappuccio, PTA GlobalKnown to most as Bobby, Robert has conducted hundreds of interviews with professional development experts and led his own trainings worldwide. In this clip, Bobby expresses what he thinks about Ilene and what she brings to speakers, practitioners and other professionals in their pursuit of excellence.
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Robert Cappuccio, International Presenter


Nick shares his experience with Ilene’s EmpowerSpeak™ live training and Light Bytes™ Audios. Nick’s an alum of our live training and a LightBytes listener. He took time out of his very busy day to give us a thumbs up. BTW, his site is TOP NOTCH for the inside scoop on high-performance strength & conditioning. Visit

Nick Tumminello
Performance U Founder and creator of the CoreBar


While President of the American College of Sports Medicine I met a lot of interesting and accomplished people; everyone from the elite in sports medicine and exercise science to the US Surgeon General. Surprisingly, the most interesting person I met was Ilene Bergelson. Ilene is a unique blend of fitness expert and actor. She brought a new dimension to how I thought about presenting my data to audiences, a dimension that vastly improved my ability to communicate.

Carl Foster, Ph.D., FACSM, FAACVPR
Professor of Exercise and Sport Science
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
Past President (2005-2006), American College of Sports Medicine


I have had the pleasure of working with Ilene Bergelson and her company Lifemoves Health for several years and consider her to be the go-expert in numerous areas of professional development, health, wellness and fitness. In fact, you simply won’t find a sharper, more informed and more articulate presenter around.

Ilene has spoken to our staff on several occasions, and every time she has proven to be a passionate, engaging and extremely talented presenter. Specifically, our team raves to us about how clear she can make complex topics and how immediately actionable her information is.

If you haven’t seen her speak yet, I strongly urge you to do so. And if you are looking for an educational resource for your studio or facility staff, pick up the phone and call Ilene now!

Gabe Valencia, CSCS, MES
co-Founder & Director


I’m a firm believer that everyone needs a Mentor or Coach of some type as we evolve personally & professionally. The problem is that we often don’t realize that we need this type of support system. People tend to be grounded on the go-it-alone, “boots-strap” concept”!

Ilene has created a dynamic series of products and services. If you need, as we all do, a trusted Mentor who is truly a professional development subject-matter-expert, Ilene is “the one”!

International Consulting Director
Esquerre Fitness Group International


No matter the hat she is wearing Ilene is always impressing and inspiring. She possesses the comforting confidence and clarity of someone who has been in her field for a long time and knows exactly what she is doing. As a practitioner and presenter who is committed to up-leveling lives around her, her work is consistent and deeply touching. I cannot recommend her services enough.

Colleen Culley


Ilene’s dedication to her work is only surpassed by her dedication to help others develop and grow. Ilene truly cares for her clients and colleges and is masterful at relationship building.

Ann Gilbert
ACE / IHRSA Personal 2001 Trainer of the Year


Ilene is an excellent educator in a number of areas, including but not limited to: prenatal and postpartum fitness, public speaking, and holistic wellness. She is extremely diligent with research-always well-educated in the latest studies. She also teaches in a manner that is easy to comprehend so you can quickly implement her methods in your own training or speaking. I attend every lecture series or continuing education workshop of hers I can.

Alana Yates


I like the way Ilene modifies the exercises we came up with. She helped us learn from our ideas. At no time did she make us feel we were clueless, but she did make us think about our choices and why we made those choices. She gave us reasons why an exercise might not be the best choice, but other options that are like our original exercise (idea). I like her teaching methods.

Michon Wynn-Tucker


I ABSOLUTELY LOVED everything about the way you presented the material!
I will recommend you and your cert. course to everyone. I truly found your course intriguing – and you & your personality made it an enjoyable and stress-free atmosphere! Your workbook is great – easy to understand and so thorough! Thanks again.

Kendra Madigan


Ilene- taking your workshop Perinatal Fitness-Training for the Sport of Motherhood spearheaded my career into whole new direction!! Not only did I double my private client base with new moms and moms to be, but I was also cast as the lead instructor in 2 nationally distributed dvd’s… Buff Moms-to-Be and Buff Moms!
I am confidently and knowledgeably offering modifications to expectant moms who come to my classes, and they’re coming back in great shape, strong and happy, shortly after they deliver! Thanks so much for your wonderful programming, being available for questions, and for helping me develop this niche!

Raquel Feder
Lead Instructor of Buff Moms-to–Be and Buff Moms DVD’s by Equinox


Ilene is a wealth of knowledge and an amazing teacher! She delivers information with clarity and humor in a way that makes you want to know more and more. She is delightful to listen to and learn from. It is clear that she is passionate about her work. I have been able to apply what I’ve learned in her “Training for the Sport of Motherhood” workshops to many prenatal clients with much success.

Francesca Meccariello


In both my careers as an attorney and a fitness professional, I’ve never learned more helpful, useful material. You are absolutely hilarious and really made the weekend fun. I will definitely be in touch to set up a mentor session for all of the questions/topics I’d like to discuss.

Sheryl Wilson CPT, Esq. Fitnotic, LLC


I wanted to learn more about training prenatal and postpartum clients. However, much of the information I read did not offer me the in-depth knowlege I needed. Ilene has compiled this information, and she presents it in a way that is in-depth, yet understandable. Her classes are not like many workshops where you’re watching the clock and waiting for the end to come. She is very engaging and offers opportunites for hands-on demonstrations. I left her classes feeling confident in my ability to train this special clientele. I took a leap of faith traveling from Atlanta, Georgia. I’m glad I made the trip.

LaToya D. Brassell
ACE Certified Personal Trainer