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World-renowned Google Search Optimization expert, Cherie shares her six figure results from experiencing EmpowerSpeak live training, content consultations and private coaching calls with Ilene. For more information on Cherie’s top-flight training and tools, visit http://www.theurbancowgirl.com/classroom/

Cherie Yvette,
CEO of The Urban Cowgirl
and host of Urban Cowgirl Radio

Cherie Yvette, CEO of The Urban Cowgirl and host of Urban Cowgirl Radio


Jon speaks candidly about his experience of taking and watching his team go through EmpowerSpeak Breaking Through to Bring Out the Speaker in You 1 day training. Jon and members of his team have told us it’s the best 1 day workshop they’ve taken and they take a LOT of workshops!
Find out more about Jon and his incredible clinic here.

Jon Bowskill
Managing Director of London’s Bowskill Clinic


I am very happy that I decided to participate in this workshop because I have a greater understanding of what was holding me back in public speaking and I have the tools to move forward now. I didn’t really realize how much more than preparation of content is involved in public speaking. The atmosphere was very supportive and enriching… the exercises were very valuable experiences.

A. Glass


EmpowerSpeak is fun, interactive and gets results… Ilene’s extensive knowledge in developing content for speeches, speech preparation, voice and speech basics, connecting with the audience, and how to deal with your nerves is outstanding. Her tips and tricks immediately made me not only a better presenter, but a more connected and confident speaker all around. I would highly recommend that anyone who has the opportunity to work with Ilene do so, especially if they want immediate results in connecting with the audience through public speaking.

Karin Linder


…It was only a week later that I realized that Ilene had also helped me to be clearer in my life. EmpowerSpeak teaches you to release your personal fears of judgment and failure and to make the most out of any given opportunity, whether at a job interview, a business meeting, or speaking in front of a packed auditorium.

And Ilene is an example of what she teaches. She puts people at ease so that they feel free to risk and put themselves out there. During the workshop, I saw many people make great strides in overcoming their issues with public speaking. And, most importantly, I saw those same people enjoy themselves while doing it.

A. Doss


Ilene is a phenomenal instructor & coach. Her eye and ear are unlike any other and her coaching style is very reassuring. Her experience, knowledge, skill and passion shine through everything she does.

Shayne Kohn , M.S., MES, CPT


Ilene is a ball of light and positive energy! … she created great rapport with me right from the start: returned phone calls promptly, heard exactly what I needed to accomplish within minutes of speaking with her, made setting up an appointment easy and followed up with me.

I was blown away with how much material I covered with Ilene in just two sessions!

She was very organized, and set an agenda with each session. Through the entire coaching process I felt that she was right by my side! She makes delivering a presentation possible for anyone, no matter how fearful you are.

Furthermore, I believe everyone should have an “Ilene coaching experience” before giving a presentation. She will definitely help you improve your presentation, even when you think it can’t get any better.

Danyelle Demchock
Owner, Inner Clarity Wellness Coaching


If we want to guide others towards better versions of themselves, we too need to invest. The EmpowerSpeak experience is an opportunity for your change.

C. Wahl


Comforting…all the staff. Support while giving final talk was great.

T. Tangen