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C.H.E.K Institute CEO Penny Crozier interviews Ilene on how becoming a better communicator an dramatically improve your business and your life. Countless tips on how to get started, free ways to improve your speaking skills for free and innovative business boosters. Plus, Ilene gives special tips on how to work through nerves and shyness.

Presenting opens countless doors of opportunity—from networking with clients and colleagues to making a name for yourself in the industry. Are you knocking?

Ever wonder how some people shine in the center of attention? It is a lot easier than you think. In this must-attend teleseminar event, Ilene tells you how!

*What it takes to get rid of the panic

*Ways to presenting can bring increase your income

*How to enjoy presenting—even if you dread it now!

We followed-up this sold-out event with an on air Q& A. Ilene fields questions on introductions, gestures, dressing for your brand as well as uncovers how experienced presenters can lose their audience, what you need to do to keep them engaged…and more!

Solid Preparation for Shaky Times

How does a great presentation start? The solution to excellence lays in how we prepare ourselves, our content and our relationship with the audience. Ilene outlines what you NEED to know to deliver your best.

*What questions to ask when you're in charge of delivering answers

*The Root of successful speaking

*Ready-to-use tips on being present, powerful and prepared for your audience

During their frank discussion, Ilene and Paul highlight some of the common causes of ineffective communication, communication styles as well as tips for overcoming fear and nervousness when communicating with others.

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